Saturday, August 23, 2014

Happy Weekend!

I am so excited to share with you my 2 flimsy finish FINALLY on the Byrum Family quilt!  You see this has a scrappy front and a pieced back... so I figure that will now have 2 quilts in 1 :)  Check out the inspired backing I did...
104" square backing.. pieced on Gloria
after I got warmed up piecing the front! lol
94" square front... pieced on Fiona
Hope you don't mind that I made this flimsy shot so big but I wanted you to notice all the details in this top... made especially for the family that will be receiving it!  My brother!!!
The Byrum Family!
I will be hand quilting this finish over the next 3 months or so... they are coming to Florida for a visit on Thanksgiving... so I can hopefully gift it to them as an early Christmas present then!

Here is a better pic of the backing... before I turned it over or sandwiching...
 My brother and his family live on very strong Christian values... and try to incorporate their faith into every aspect of their life... so as I shopped for fabrics or this quilt over the last year I prayed over each one before buying... above are the 10 commandments... on the front are the beatitudes... each fabric has a special meaning for them in this quilt!  Isn't that neat :)

It all started out in a container of randomly collected fabrics and donations from dear friends like this!
Connie is holding artwork made by my friend Wendy in Australia and in front of that is neatly folded all the fabrics for this quilt... plus I did pull some from my stash as well!!! 

The label I like to make using special fabric treated for ink jet printers to hold the ink wash after wash...  I put it at the top of the cross on the back of the quilt... here is a closer look at it!

What are your plans for this weekend?  Any quilty ones?

Pics of my stitches coming tomorrow for Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching... I have missed my Sunday posts! lol

Don't forget next weekend we check out where we have been and where we are going with our goals!!!
Just write a blog post with goals you have met recently and goals you want to meet over the next month... link it up with my linky party.. and PARTY!!!!  Also a chance to win Linky Loot!!!  One lucky linker will get something from my quilty stash just for them based on their post and their goals!  Cool deal I think!  So link up NEXT WEEKEND!

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Hello my bloggy friends... I usually find it fun to blog 2 or 3 times a week... but time has slipped away from me and now I realize it is almost a week since I have shared with you!  For shame!!! lol
Squirrels play in our bird house and birds live in the trees!  Silly animals :)
Well, Saturday the 9th of August, my brother and his family moved into their "new" and they hope final home to raise their family in... on that day I also finished their quilt top... AND before they had their old home cleaned out for the new family I had the backing all pieced in the shape of a cross made from fabric with the 10 commandments on it... I am just soo excited with that progress...
Where I finished up "The Byrum Quilt"
Flimsy pictures you say?? Well first of all this is TOP SECRET right now.. and second of all the top is 94" square... yep, HUGE!!!   The backing measures out 104" square itself as well... so we plan to move the living room around for the pinning of the quilt sandwich this weekend and will get pics then!  Yippee!

Look for a post Sunday for Slow Sunday Stitching with Kathy as I will be linking there and delighted that (once the batting arrives to the pinning party Friday) the pinning will be over and the hand quilting will begin!  Yippee :)

In the meantime.. I do have something fun to share ... I have been doing some hand piecing on my hexi star flower table topper...
Now I have 2 done
and am working on the 3rd... there are 7 to make before I join them to make the flimsy properly :)

I started this project to try multi-tasking... as hand piecing affects different parts of my fingers than hand quilting... so we shall see how it goes with both projects going!!!  Very soon I am hoping!!! lol

Meanwhile, my honey has put together a little railroad for himself on a piece of plywood we salvaged for free (someone hurricane shutters they decided they didn't need... in Florida really???)!  Check this system he has designed!

He has 3 working trains... one from the 60's, one from the 70's and one from the 90's all working together on the track he bought on eBay for a deal and has carefully sanded each piece to get great connections all around.. screwed in each piece of railroad... and the trains love it!  So fun that we have interesting hobbies... to us anyway! ha :)

For my hand piecing project I am staying organized and using my portable design wall to hold my pieces in place together :).. my bestie Connie made them.. along with my design ideas .. during her July visit for our birthdays... this was my birthday present and I think she rocked it!!!
 Here on the left is my portable design wall as it was intended to be used... and being used today on the right!
 I love the buttons Connie added that we both fell in love with during a visit to the LQS :)
 So what are you up to this week? 

Well.. must go for now and fondle my fabric! lol

Friday, August 15, 2014

Gloria is here! WHOOP!!

There is a new vintage sewing machine I just got for a deal on eBay.. I am just soooo excited!  I am sharing this Whooping post about it over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict with Sarah right HERE!
 I got a 1956 Singer 301A!!! My honey bought it for me actually and it was such a funny story how I came to get this beautiful two toned machine!  Also abbreviated LBOW (for light brown/oyster white) for her paint colors :)

You know my honey buys, services and sells featherweights.. he acquires them several ways but looks in many places ... one of his fave searches brings up all singer machines..  that is when I fell in love with the 2 tones version of the Singer 301.  I love that some were assembled in Anderson, South Carolina and are designated 301A's... so I looked for one of them :)  This is the first Slant-o-matic machine Singer made and they made them in 3 batches total.  Some are bisque.. a slightly darker light brown than Gloria.. and there are also black ones.  These machines are sometimes called a Featherweights "big sister" too!  Gloria weights 16 lbs by herself.  So nice and light for a full sized machine.. and with her gear motor she can sew ANYTHING with me !!!!

I learned to sew on a Singer Golden Touch and Sew when I was young and used that machine until a house fire took it in 2008.. then I sewed on a Janome occasionally.. but entering a new phase of my life I have fallen in love with vintage machines... they are quiet and do their job well in general! 

Fiona has always been my main machine since I started liking sewing machines about a year ago.  I even sold my nice Janome to better utilize that money since she never got any action! lol  (I bought fabric with that money!) ha :)

Now I think Fiona may have competition... but Fiona doesn't suck up corners/threads either and Singers are NOTORIOUS for working this way.  I will say that in playing around with Gloria she is a gem of a machine and I was very blessed to have found her at a time when my honey was feeling generous with his profits! lol

So Whooping that accomplishment today!

I am steadily working away on the pieced backing of the Byrum family quilt currently... and waiting for binding fabric to come in so I can have that decided :)

Moving along on goals I set for the month... Will you be ready to link up your progress end of the month???  Don't forget to write a post... link it up .. and PARTY with me :)
Linky Loot will be amazing this month as I am really getting to know my stash better!  And how things ship the best too! lol 

So link for a chance to win something specific to YOUR goals :)

Thanks for reading along and have a blessed weekend!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Fat Quarter Winner!

Thanks for all who participated in my weekend giveaway :) 

I am pleased to announce Kathy P. is the winning pinner/commenter and here were her choices..
She went with the tan dog foot print fabric :D  Yay Kathy!  You can see Kathy's blog here!  Go check her out!

Here is what is left now....
11 fat quarters for $25.00 is the best deal I can offer all of ya'll... Anyone interested?  I take payment via Paypal and will send your fabric quickly :)

Congrats to Kathy P again!  Thanks for stopping by you all :)