Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Happy October :)

Fall is in the air here on Florida's East Coast :)

Here is a pic I posted to facebook today!

I have been busily stitching on the Byrum Family Quilt... I am still loving this project.. and the other day my brother had a minute and called and we chatted.. they are excited to get this quilt and I am just happy to reach the actual 50% mark on this quilt... which should happen in the next week or so...

Until I reach the 50% mark on this quilting artistry I will not take any machine piecing breaks on the stars.. but I still think I will finish those cute stars before the next LINKY PARTY!!

 Check out my sidebar for dates on the next party...

My sewing time has been stupendous lately as I am motivated and have been listening to tunes a lot! lol

I did try to watch a Netflix movie but it was terrible... I was never good at picking movies anyway... I just happen upon the one's I like usually! lol  Do you have a Netflix suggestion for me??

Thanks for any ideas you have... and if you live in the Northern Hemisphere....  Happy Fall Ya'll!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Happy Dancin' :P

Yep, I am definitely Happy Dancin'!  The linky party was a success and I quilted all weekend long on the Byrum Family Quilt and made great progress... first our LUCKY LINKER!!

Carla submitted this concise blog post and because she took the time to do that Linky Loot is now in route to her home :)

Don't miss Octobers Laundry List LINKY PARTY...
 As I enjoyed reading each post I hand quilted a good bit this weekend and this is the midpoint of this border now...
The pink lines are chalk I have used with a stencil and the right side is done and cleaned off... Once I finish this side of the middle border completely I will also spray water on the remaining bits of chalk to make sure none stays around to stain the quilt ;)

I should finish this section by the weekend I am thinking... but we shall see as life does Happen! lol

Friday, September 26, 2014

It's Laundry List LINKY TIME!!! September 2014

Hey There and Come on it!!

It is that time again!!!  Time to List... Link... And PARTY!!!

See here's the deal... I need motivation to create things... so I figure we can motivate each other by sharing our journey's in crafting... I quilt.. but you may crochet, sew, or paint even!  Share it ... make time for it... maybe not daily like me... but sometimes... so after a month you may have some progress to share... right HERE! lol

Sooo... please include a list of some sort of things you wanna do...
and hopefully you will include some finishes you have recently completed too!  Include lots of pictures to help us visualize where you have been and where you are going....  Then link up that post and PARTY by visiting the other linkers and leave some bloggy love!!!

There is also the mysterious LINKY LOOT winner each month...

Yep.. someone will win something fun for their ongoing projects or stash from mine!  Fun huh!!! So link up by Sunday at Midnight... and Monday I will get help from my honey choosing this months Linky Loot WINNER!!!!

So here I go with my post now :)

I am so excited it is finally time to Party over my accomplishments this month!  Check out last months list!!!
I will be finishing the center section over this weekend I think... on the handquilting of BFQ!

Mongo excited about my progress on BFQ...
Here is BFQ on my table being handquilted... I don't use a hoop or a thimble... all I need is needle, thread, scissors, and good light and I am good to go! lol

Regarding my blog list....
I have 3 of my 12 finishes now on the page.. so next month I am hoping to wrap that up...

I am also working on machine piecing a wall hanging for the foyer... you can see those in this shot I took...

Here you can see the BFQ in process and the stars are on my design wall there.. behind my new cabinet that is now in place! LOVE THAT!  Do you follow me ??  Did you see that post?? True trash to treasure story for sure!

And I have been rocking me some tunes while I make such excellent progress on the hand quilting and piecing I am doing..

Also this month I gifted the unused parts of my hexi flower project I bombed on to someone who will hand piece and finish them... I played taxi for my dd a LOT! lol  We even did some shopping for the homecoming dance coming up next month!  She is 16 and in 10th grade.. Hanging with mom is only done when necessary... so yes.. I enjoyed it a LOT! lol

So what is up for next month??

  Currently on BFQ I am on the middle border here...

But the quilt still has quite a bit more left to quilt once I finish this middle border...

So I have a long way to go over the next month to reach this goal.

 I have 3 stars done of 12 that need doing.. I would love to finish this to a flimsy this month but am only goal setting right now to finish the stars... :)

And then there is my quilt history I want to finish.. but I can't seem to keep my hands off this book when I should be doing THAT! lol
So I am planning a future quilt as I study this book and enjoying it I am!

So now it is your turn to show off your sweet selves!!! lol

I wanna see what you have been up to and what you plan to be up to .. WITH PICS if possible :)

Link Up Below anytime til Sunday Midnight EDT!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sew Excited!!!

Just 2 more days before I can take a look in black and white at my progress this month!!!
Hope you ready to List your goals... reviewing your previous months goals if you have been playing along... link up with me and Party !!!!  Yep, LINKY LOOT is on the loose this weekend!!! lol

What do you post about?  anything you recently accomplished in your crafty life with pics is awesome... and projects you are planning to tackle over the next month or it may be progress on an existing project... so enlighten us.. it is a great time to get new readers for your blogs and show off your artistry in any craft at all!  So come on and join in :)

I know this may seem hokey to you but since I started keeping a monthly list instead of brow beating myself over unmet goals on a weekly list things have gotten so much more exciting and I get more done!  A friend recently posted this graph on facebook and I want to share my take on it...
I feel like a month looks like the graph on the left  but my actual daily life looks just like the one on the right!  So I may not get all I want to get accomplished... but over time I rock it!!! lol

Speaking of progress... I am ahead of my expectations on the Byrum Family Quilt.  I am also making stars now that I have Gloria back in a cabinet no less so a nice flat surface to sew on... I am so in love too!
I just love to share pics with you... please if you link up take time to include some pics of your work... we all love the eye candy and it makes posting more fun!

See ya this weekend!  Great LINKY LOOT is available!!!