Friday, September 19, 2014

It is a Fabulous Friday ya'll!

Hope you are having a Fabulous Friday too!

I have made great progress on the BFQ (Byrum Family Quilt) and am now to the middle border on it.. the mosaic section is in the books as finished! 
Yep, all that section inside the red arrows is now finished... I have to go back and fill in the teal blue squares but my filler for them is in the mail... it is a stencil I got with different filler designs I liked for this quilt...
 The entire quilt is much larger than that pic... here is a pic of the whole quilt for reference...

So once I finish the Middle Border here I will be 50% complete with the quilting on this awesome quilt :)  Whoop!!!

Also I had another great thing happen this week... my Gloria (a 1956 301A) got a new dress to wear!
 This is a 301 cabinet made in the 1950's called a "Singer # 74 cabinet".  Originally I think they came blonde like this one on the right or darker like the mahogany we used to refinish her with :)  The machine here in this pic was not a good machine so we passed on that but found a great deal in the cabinet even if they HAD lost the legs! lol  So on a leg hunt we went!

 And here is my Gloria in her new cabinet ... the bronze in the stain matches her bronze tension dial and bronze link around her badge.. I just adore her even more in her new home :)  And because we are savvy and thrifty shoppers we only have about $100 invested in the cabinet!  Whoop :)

She will be cured and ready for sewing THIS WEEKEND!! YIPPEE :)

So yes... I am having a Fabulous Friday... and it is just 1 week until it is time for my own linky party!!!
So gets your goals set, blog about them and link them up here next weekend!!!

Linky Loot is fun to win but just making goals makes you a WINNER!  So make your own "laundry list" of goals and join us here next weekend... all weekend long! lol

For now I am linking this Fabulous Friday post and all my whooping to Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict Whoop Whoop!  Here :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Making headway on BFQ :)

I am happy to report the Byrum Family Quilt (BFQ) is moving right along!
I have more than this section complete now!
I have more than this much done too!

Here is the "mosaic section" I am working on enclosed by arrows :)
And remember this pic was taken during he piecing portion.. this quilt is much larger than this now... but I wanted to show you a good picture of the central portion I am working on :)

Here is a side view of the mosaic area...
I was trying to figure out what to put in these starry teal squares... hmmm... then I found these with cheap shipping so I ordered these!
And here is a cool shot of just the 5 beatitudes I have quilted on this quilt... with 5 more to go before the mosaic section is done..
Hope you are enjoying the quilting as much as I am.. now time to get back to it! lol

Happy Stitching and

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop... Quilty Pleasures :)

I am so excited to share with you that I got nominated for the Around the World Blog Hop!!!  I am subtitling mine ... Quilty Pleasures :)
A very special thanks to Kymberly Pease of Peas in a Pod Creations blog for nominating me in THIS post :)  Kymberly is a great quilter and does many other crafts too!  I even won a cute little pouch I use for a bag on her blog :) I was so excited to get nominated by her!

So are you ready to get to know my crafty side better ?? lol

What do you excel at?

Hand quilting is my major and quilt designing is my minor.  I love having needle and thread in my hands... so much that it has driven me to learn to better piece my projects to hand quilt!!!  I had to recruit help to improve my piecing as I don't have a local teacher I trust... and my friend Wendy who blogs here has become my piecing mentor!  She lives in Australia, I live on Florida's east coast in the US... we communicate via fb chat and with LOTS and LOTS of pictures ... but with my perseverance and her diagnosing skills I am improving my piecing by leaps and bounds...

What is your current project?

This is what I recently finished piecing and am hand quilting now...

I designed this flimsy and the backing using fabrics I collected over a years time. I focus on the recipients when I plan/design/make a quilt... this one is just very personalized to the recipients... my brother and his family of 6!

This is a large queen quilt at 94" square and is the largest quilt I have pieced and made thus far.  I am very proud of these flimsies :)  I have called this a 2 flimsy quilt in a previous post! lol

How does my work differ from other quilters?

To properly answer this you much know more of my crafty history.... I started needle work very young under my grandmother's tutelage... I was never taught to use a hoop or to somehow stabilize my work so I learned to do it without naturally.

Fast forward to today... I don't use a hoop or frame of any kind... I make nice even stitches this way too with no excess or loose tension noted in my finished work... and I don't use a thimble but use "udder ointment" each night/morning on my hands and when they get sore with too much hand quilting I will use a bit of tape on my fingertips... works wonderful and is very affordable! :)
<<<< Here is how I work out in my "Florida Room" ... I have soft tunes, water fountains and nature all around me while I quilt! LOVE IT!!!!

Why do I quilt what I do?

I feel very driven to make quilts for those around me... I have yet to sell any work but have given some away! :)

I also believe quilts talk to me and will tell me how they want to live quilted for their lives.. lol!  So I try to listen to the quilt and the design and let the design/piecing/quilting all complement each other!

How does my creative process work?

Every quilting adventure is different... for the quilt I am currently working on I collected religious and otherwise meaningful fabrics based on the colors my sil wanted in this quilt... blues and beiges.
I found the centerpiece amidst the fabric buying and that decided that this would be a medallion style quilt... but I wanted more meat to the design and instead of just adding interesting borders I added layers of their life memories and their family important moments in this quilt... it was a my fave designing process yet on a quilt!  And again, I had Wendy's help to get this level of intricate designing complete... but I did all the final designing!!  Yippee :)

The real fun was having that center fabric when my brother and his family stopped in for a visit while in Florida (they live in Tennessee where I am also from).  I had prepared for their visit getting a few little things for my nieces and nephew and found fabric paint... we painted hearts down the center of the tree making this even more special and personalized!  I embroidered by hand all their initials down the tree before the quilting started too!   Awwww :)

I am linking up this ending to a great Blog Hop ( it started in 2008 with writers first... thus mine is a quilty edition! lol) to Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching HERE... I love hanging out there and plan to hand quilt my weekend away.

Hope you have enjoyed getting to know me and the Byrum Family Quilt better!

Don't forget about MY LINKY PARTY coming up at the end of this month... info is on my right sidebar :)  Just make a blog post of your met goals and upcoming goals to meet.. link up here September 26, 27 or 28 and get a chance to win LINKY LOOT!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Connie's Finish.. a Sweet Mini!

I got several comments about my friend Connie's baby quilt she is making.  So I thought I would share her FINISH!!!
Connie had planned to make a regular sized baby quilt to gift when the baby was due.. but since the arrival was early... she made it preemie sized.. I call this one Sweet Mini!
Measuring in at 18 inches square... this cute quilt came together in a short time including the hand made lace edging that is so prominent in that first photo!  That lace proved a bit tricky to get tacked in place but Connie figured out a good way to do it and a Finish she now Has!!!

The "quilts" sign was a surprise from me to her last year and it was fun when she finished it and sent this shot that she posed it below her fave sign! lol  This was a special order I got someone to make for me on Etsy... That seller is no longer in business... sorry!!!

Check out a close up of the detail she added to the center of this little bundle of joy :)
And another great detail shot after a good washing was finished....

So without further ado this cute little quilt...
Will fold up even smaller for gifting...
 Isn't that AWESOME?!!! :)

I have really enjoyed following this project by my bestie!  She is a magnificent stitcher and thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this quilt...
And the dresden plate... it is 2 or 3 dresdens unsewn and resewn to make one flat one.  The green fabric is some of her fave from her stash... the dresdens were in her stash... the handquilting items were all in her stash as was the yarn and crochet hook for the lace edging... so she has a great gift that may be a snugglie to this child in future years... but will keep them warm and protected when held now as there are no seams on the back... remember it is only 18" square! lol

So now you have met.. and shared some of the trials that brought this Sweet Mini to life... tell me what you think!  I love comments & Connie does too!  She doesn't blog but loves following mine... and few other luckies :)

Have a blessed Saturday!