Sunday, November 16, 2014

One Week's Progress :)

I have tried to keep up in blog world but may not have managed to visit all my regular stops as I have been busy stitching!!!!

I finished the bottom row had started last weekend... and now I am on the BORDER of this large queen quilt :) 
Finish date is the 28th and I think I am on track to have the border finished and the binding on and washed and photographed by then... we shall see!!!!

Here is my progress on the border design I finally decided on..
They are CIRCLES!  I used a bowl and Bohin colored chalk to mark my circles on the border.

And since I have finished the bottom border now I know it takes THIRTY (30) circles to fill a border on each side.  So I have 90 circles to stitch this week!  Plus I am basting the binding edge as I finish a border side so I am ready to bind as soon as the borders are all done!!!

The chalk washes off easily (what little remains you can see in the stitched pics) with a spray bottle of water and paper towels to wash away the colored chalk! :)  Always TEST your plan for marking on the fabric you will mark to make sure it will be removable though :)

Also this week we did a major fix of our van and have it ready to pick up my bestie at the airport Monday.. she is coming for a visit from Tennessee :)  Yippee!

And I am excited this cute 301A found a home with my new friend Judy!  She picked up her new machine this week and so far they are enjoying getting to know each other :)  Yippee!
So I will return to slow stitching quickly to finish up this great quilt for my brother and his family.

Keep my fingers and sweet stitches in our prayers please!  And also safe travels for Connie!

I am linking this post up with Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching... where I showed my progress last week! :)

Have a blessed week!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Finally down to the bottom :)

I have been quickly slow stitching since my last post on the Byrum Family Quilt... I am now on the bottom of the quilt working on this block...
I was just getting started on this block when I snapped this shot.  My friend Wendy embroidered this piece in 2004 and mailed it to me to go into this quilt... it now holds the bottom center place of honour!

So the top border and sides are all done... just have 3 B's left on this quilt and the clock is ticking for the finish too!  I have:
Bottom stitching ~ Started now :)
Border stitching ~ Have a quick n easy idea there!
Binding ~ Have the fabric ;)

So if I am not too chatty coming up please stick with me... just trying to make headway on this quilt... the deadline is Thanksgiving weekend to have it done, washed, and photographed :)

My honey is pondering ideas for great photos of this queen sized wonder!

Speaking of photos... Last Sunday we posted this pic on a few facebook groups...
These machines in their cases are now all sold!  Yippee :)

Now my honey is working on painting one RED!  It is gonna be AWESOME!

Don't forget my upcoming Linky Party!  There is a special giveaway for Black Friday linkers!!!
I am linking my quilty progress to Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching HERE!  Check out her blog post while too as she makes important points about focusing on your slow stitching amidst the chaos of life :)

Until I post again... Happy Stitching &...

Monday, November 3, 2014

Goals Exceeded!

Wow!  What a super weekend it was for us... let me fill you in.

Friday we got an expected package with something extra in it for me from my bestie Connie...
Look at the DARLING pins with pink and white flower heads in a flower box!!!  Isn't that just too cute ??? :)  And the card she sent me the week prior and I hadn't shared that but you know I am a sucker for cards for sure and she sent a very heartfelt one to me :)  Much appreciated way to start off the weekend...

Then just hours after posting Friday we sold this sewing machine and received payment!!!
We were so giddy ... yet I still managed to get some stitches in..
This area is 12" x 18" and is Jacob's Ladder blocks but I made it larger in hopes you can see all the in the ditch stitching I have done on this block to keep it "moderately" quilted like the rest of the quilt.

Then Sunday our day started with a sale.... which turned into a packing fiesta... yet I managed to get more stitches in ...

Which was way beyond my expectations for sure!

So 2 featherweights, a lot of quilting, and a little family time thrown in .. so all in all a great weekend.

Also, I heard from Michele and her Linky Loot she won for linking with me is bound for her Maryland home tomorrow!!  She gave me lots of choices even though she is a very well rounded crafter that I think my stash LOOT will be a complement to her projects :)

So join us Thanksgiving weekend in the USA and link up your goals for holiday planning... It is a fun and wonderful way to get things accomplished too!  Black Friday.. November 28 will have a special drawing for 1 lucky linker... then another drawing planned for Monday morning :)  So join us early or join us late but JOIN US & Have FUN!

Happy Stitching &

Friday, October 31, 2014

Setting a Weekend Goal :)

I am really pushing to get the Byrum Family Quilt to the outer border stage... I have the middle all done as well as the sides and am now working on the top and bottom... recently I finished this cute School House Block...
There are still marking lines on the scallops but I will remove those with a water bottle ;)  Just wanted to share a dry block with you all first! lol

I also like the heart I added over the doorway.  This was a challenging block to piece and it has been a joy to quilt!  So happy I could just Whoop over that!!!  I am linking this happy post to Sarah  at Confessions of a Fabric Addict Whoop Whoop Friday LINKY PARTY!

I also managed to get those flying geese quilted though though most of it won't show till washed :)

So I am setting a weekend goal for quilting...

To finish this section of the top left that measures 12" x 18" ...
These are Jacobs Ladder blocks but when put together I think they look like the Christian fish symbol... and as wholesome as this quilt it I hope my plan for quilting this block set as a whole will make it really accentuate that!

You can see the whole quilt here...
This pic was during pinning... so imagine about 60% of this is quilted now... I am on the final thrust of quilting until I am to the outer border!  That is definitely Whoopable!!!! lol

My honey FINALLY got this gorgeous machine put up for sale on eBay!  Whoop Whoop!
We are hoping it will make someone's Christmas very special!

So that is our weekend... what are you planning for the weekend??