Sunday, March 1, 2015

Happy March!

Many of you know we live in Florida and I LOVE that!!!  But we live just a few miles from a large tourist destination spot too.... Daytona Beach, Florida :)
This is a shot that we will see if we go to Daytona next week as Bike Week is then!  After that is Spring Break starts :)  It is a festive place to be for sure...

But we live in a little town south of Daytona Beach called Port Orange ... here you can see it on the map...
We are close to interstates... Orlando is about an hour away .. and we are out of MOST of the hubbub from Daytona!  On a clear night... we can hear the races when they are on though!  Very cool thing!!!

So March is a festive time here... it was also the month I first visited Florida when I was 19 years old... It has been a long time coming that I am now settled in a great home in a great bedroom community outside the main busy towns... New Smyrna Beach (a popular beach for locals) is just south of us too!

So now you know a bit more about me and the craziness that spring in Florida brings us :)

What do you look forward to in spring?

I have been very busy quilting this week and have made it to 75% completion at the quilting of the outer charm ring... that means just the outer border and edge basting is left for my sweet Kaydence's Baby Quilt!!!

Here is a shot of the last corner I am going around now...

I also got a book I had ordered this week!

I ordered the hardback version of this book off Amazon and paid a whopping $4.50 for the book WITH shipping !!!  It took about a week to arrive from a neighboring state but that was fine.. it is an EXCELLENT reference and a book to help me continue honing my piecing and quilting skills overall!

And I just found out it is Connie's fave book too!  She says she loves it as a reference and uses it all the time... It was published in 2000... Do you have this book???  Have I just been in a cave or something!??  lol

Here is the Dedication from the front of the book I wanted to share the last sentence with you especially!!!

Are you looking for something more in quilting... 

more of a challenge ... understanding all that goes into it more???  This is a great book about that if you are interested... I will give more of an update as I continue reading this gem of a book...

While I have been busy doing that my honey has been doing yard and house maintenance...

Here is a pic of algae that grows where the trees hung over the roof...
And here is a pic just 1 hour later after my honey used a bleach water and scrubbing mixture to clean it...

Doesn't that look much better!!!!  Over time the algae would grow and push the shingles off the roof... now that the algae is dead and the trees have been trimmed hopefully we have solved this problem :)

And we have a Featherweight Case going up on eBay later today...
We sold a sewing machine complete last week.
So things are rolling along well.

So tell me... what are you looking forward to this month?

I am so happy with my focus for this year... I am setting goals but not getting freaked out if I don't meet them.. and in most areas I am finding that I am completing more things than when I used a formal list last year!  And I am ENJOYING THE JOURNEY!!!!

So important to relax & enjoy the journey...

As I continue to put in slow stitches today I am linking up with Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching HERE.

Have a blessed week ya'll and don't forget to MAKE TIME to....

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Feeling Better!!!

This week I have been able to miss out on cold medicine and we have been mongo productive so far!  This follows a week of few accomplishments though! lol

First we cut down two dead trees and piled them up for the city to recycle..
Then we called over some friends and trimmed up 2 trees in the back yard... We don't think they have ever had much of a trim though...
See!!!  Much more came from our back yard for sure! lol  But it is now ready to be made into mulch and such! :)

I managed all the laundry including sheets on Monday and finished ironing some shirts I had been procrastinating... do you have house hold chores you put off???  I try telling myself I can get rewarded with quilting time for getting some ironing done... then I don't quilt either! ha :)  Anyway, finally got it done thanks to encouragement from a friend!

But instead of more quilting time my honey and I decided a trip to the beach would be a fun diversion!  So 80 degrees on Monday and breezy we took the 15 minute drive to the beach from our home and enjoyed ourselves a lot!!!
 Here is our view of Daytona Beach :)

And here is a sandpiper who was playing in the surf ...
So after sooo much inspiration with cleaning and tree trimming among other yard work... let me share some joys I am seeing in my back yard!
The fuscia blooms above are azaleas ... the cold we had last week made our azaleas VERY happy!

And here are some jasmine that is blooming just outside my quilting space!

After such a great day I came home and stitched.. woke up and stitched.. and today I find myself seeing the end of the middle border of Kaydence's Baby Quilt!   Yippee :)
In this shot you may be able to see the light graphite lines...
I use a bright lamp with a "daylight" bulb in it to light the way when the real sunlight is not available.

Once I finish this green border quilting and in the ditch support stitching ... I will start working on the outer ring of charm squares :)  That will be cross hatched as the inner 2 rings were.

In closing I would like to thank each of you that sent up a sweet thought or prayer for me after Sunday mornings post... as I am sooo much better this week.  I appreciate you!

Also I wish my oldest son a Happy 30th Birthday... He is a blessing to me!

Until my next post remember to ...

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Still Slow Stitching!

It has been a slow ... slow stitching week around here! lol

I have been a bit under the weather with an upper respiratory issue... the cold medicine that helps leaves me a bit foggy headed and it is hard to stitch for long! lol

So earlier this week I was here for a posing shot of her quilt in progress ...
 I was working on the second row of cross hatching.  Here are the tools I use with my 16" hoop...
Cotton thread (this is YLI 40/3 in white), little scissors.. these were my first pair!, and some hemostats to help pull the needle through occasionally (when I put too many stitches on the needle! ha)... and speaking of needles I am using John James 8 Quilting with the YLI and Dritz Quilting Betweens because they are very stiff with large eye is a multitude of sizes in 1 container for the Perle cotton stitching. 

What tools do you like when hand quilting??

Well I finished the cross hatch and moved on to the middle green border on this little baby quilt...
 It is heart and swirl pattern in Perle 12 cotton in white :)

And here is a texture shot so you ca see the design a bit easier on camera with the morning sunlight coming in on it :)

 And after just moving the hoop I approach the halfway point of this border!  Yippee :)
I am linking this hand quilty post to Kathy's Quilts for Slow Stitching Sunday HERE :)  Where Life is Beautiful today !

Hope however you spend today you are able to get a few quilty stitches in.. happily I feel more like stitching today..

I will start back on a piecing project next week... if you remember my Hollyhock Gardens quilt ;)

I also have chosen my "charity project" for the year... Last year I made a quilt for a friend with a new diagnosis of cancer.  She loves the quilt!  So stay tuned as more of my next quilt I will make for all my cost with no expectation of payment... just a gift for someone in need !  I am excited about this!!!

Do you try to touch lives of those around you with your crafty gifts?  I would love to hear your stories!!!

Linking this post to Karen at Sew Many Ways LInky Party HERE as well :)
Hope you have all Blessed Stitches today :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Kaydence's Baby Quilt Update ~ Center DONE :)

I am so excited all the center of Kaydence's Baby Quilt is done :)  I finished up this morning!
I love how the Perle 12 white cotton thread looks in the raspberry batik border :)  And the cross hatch will add lots of dimension to the charm squares when washed...

Do you think about how you quilt will look when washed when you are planning your quilting design?  

Do you think of support stitching when making your quilting design plan?

I had several convo's after my last post on support stitches... this is like "stitching in the ditch" or stitching 1/4" away from a seam ... either of these extra stitch types will add "support" to your quilt and your quilting design!

I try to plan my quilting design as I am making a quilt so I can iron the top the way I want my ditches... so in this flimsy...
I ironed all my seams toward the borders ... knowing I would stitch with white thread "in the ditch" (the ditch is typically the side without seams in it so it lays lower after washing if stitched there).

Here is my stitching in the ditch on the center square...
I chose this pic to show you how the right side of this seam (where my needle is) is the "ditch" side of the seam... it lays lower as the seams are nested on the left side of the seam :)

Here is a close up where you can see the cross hatched center well and how I dealt with my corners...
I think it turned out totally fabulous and I hope as I continue working on this quilt I continue to get warm fuzzy feelings growing for this little baby girl to be!

Have a blessed day whatever you do... hope you make time to take a few stitches if you can!