Sunday, December 21, 2014

Happy Slow Stitching Sunday!

 Our little Christmas tree...

It is a table top version & I love the train that runs around it... and my honey has added a few of his vintage train pieces to the decor as well :)  I took someone's tip and while we regrow our ornament stash (we lost all the precious ornaments we had in a house fire) ... and am using Christmas cards we have received for decoration too!  Nice to see all those families we pray & keep up with on our tree!

Here is a close up of the puzzle pic behind the tree.. we did this several years ago.. just after that fire and hang it every year now..
it is the only Santa thing in our decor anymore now :)  Isn't it FUN!!

On the quilting front 

I have been moving along on the hand quilting on Wish Upon a Vintage Star wall hanging...

I am still using the hoop successfully as you can see by the large hoop mark in the pic :) ... although there are parts coming up I will not use the hoop and I haven't decided how I will do the borders.. hoop or hoopless :)
This is all that I have left of the white space too...

But I have these stencils that came in this week for the borders!!!  Yippee :)
so I am ready to do them when I get there!

For the borders I will be using a pounce pad probably in white.

But for these swirly creamy spots on this wall hanging I have used graphite (similar to a soft lead pencil) to mark the specific design in each area ... for this I marked BEFORE I layered .. but the pounce is done AFTER layering your quilt top :)

I wanted to share a recipe I just got for removing pencil & graphite marks from quilt tops before washing them ... 

  • 1/4 c water 
  • 3/4 c rubbing alcohol 
  • 7 - 8 drops Palmolive dish soap. 
Dawn will NOT work. Mix together and apply with a soft toothbrush

I have a spray bottle I plan to put mine in once mixed together then shake before each use.  I will scrub with a soft cloth to remove then wash formally when finished.

There is a product available that works well.. just looking to save money and make my own... would love feedback on this recipe if you mark with pencil or graphite and get heavy handed at times and need to remove before that final washing... :)

Linking this Christmas time post with Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching here!  She is taking time to slow down today and slow stitch some.. are you busy with last minute holiday plans?  Why not take a few seconds to leave me a holiday comment... then put in a few stitches of your own :)

Until my next post...

Friday, December 19, 2014

Hooping Progress & a little Christmas too :)

I am really excited about my progress this week with no deadline on this project... I am half done with the white areas on this project...
I am still using the hoop and I am LOVING it!

And today I got some packages too...

Stencils for the borders coming up on this wall hanging...
 And a new pair of flip flops!!! lol
My daughter likes my new black ones.. and the grey ones have served their time :)

My honey got a cool little bitty oil can this week too!

And we have finally started to decorate for Christmas!!!  Pics on that coming as we aren't finished yet... but I do have lovely shots to show you of my friend Connie's Christmas tree...

Isn't her space cute!!!  We sent her the sewing machine case for her Class 15 clone machine.. check out the pics she got of the loot we sent her...

Needless to say we are all excited the shipping of Christmas is now behind us and we can enjoy the season for what it REALLY is now... Jesus birthday :)

I am linking this quilty Christmas post to Sarah Whooping Friday Linky HERE!
     Check out Callie and her inspirational quilt at the bottom of her post too!

Hope however you are spending this season you can reflect on what is important to you :)

Happy Christmas Season and ...

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hooping It!

Yep, I may be a convert.. still undecided but I LOVE the way this is looking...
This circle is 9" across and part of this wall hanging I am hand quilting...
Don't think you can see but I marked this stencil onto my flimsy BEFORE layering...  This picture also shows how I rolled up the edges of my backing to cover the batting and flimsy edges to protect them while hand stitching!  I love this idea.. another idea I found in a facebook group :)

Here is the stencil I used...
This stencil actually measures 7" square but put on point as I have it measures 8 1/2" across which was PERFECT for these circles!  I used Fons & Porter graphite lightly for marking ... it is coming off as I stitch :)

So what is up with turning to a hoop???

My quilty friends have influenced me and I had the hoop generously sent to me by someone who had an extra they didn't use at all... well now I am using it!!!  I will give more feedback as I use the hoop more :)

I LOVE the stitches I am making.  It measures 16" across and is PERFECT to hold my work as I stitch!

I am using wool batting for this wall hanging as it makes the quilt pattern pop and I wanted that here...
 We have also finished the last of our Christmas shopping this week!  My 16 year old dd wanted a HUGE..
Teddy Bear!  So my honey is giving her this 4 1/2 foot tall one he found at Big Lots!  Who knew???!!!

And we are finally decorating areas that have been cleaned and organized the last few weeks... 
 this corner was our "everything without a home lands here" spot... now it is so happy looking with my Fiona in her hand made case and our Willcox-Gibbs treadle head... there are a few old oil cans that we picked through for showing off from our collection and the cool thermometer there... The sewing machine picture was a puzzle gift from my bestie Connie last year and we worked it and I shared that here... it is now hanging where it belongs :)  My dd's artwork is the car by the beach... soon that will be a wall hanging there I will fashion.  But for now I enjoy her artwork a lot!  No rush to change it over yet.  She painted this the year before we moved to Florida :)

Time for me to return to Slow Stitching to Christmas Carols :)  Linking up with Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching HERE

Hope you take time to relax and get some sewing done!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Whooping a busy and productive week!

It seems like it has been a while since I really felt like whooping .. but this week I really really do!  How about you???  Hop on over to Sarah's & see what everyone is whooping about... join in too!!

The Byrum Family Quilt post will come out on Christmas Day. 

When the receiving family opens it... it is safely tucked under their Christmas tree :)

I finally gathered AND WASHED all the fabrics for an upcoming quilting adventure.  

Here the batiks fabrics have been all pressed and are ready...
You can see it best as my blog header though... and here is more of a true color of the green solid I will use.. This all still needs to be ironed.
I will use these fabrics to make a quilt similar to this Hollyhock Garden pattern...
I think it will be delightful!  Still waiting on the backing fabric to arrive but I have plenty of time to wait on that! lol  And I must ponder a name for this quilt as well.. for now it will be Batik Hollyhock Quilt :)

Then there is my current project which just is ready for quilting now...

This is called Wish Upon a Vintage Star and measures about 36" x 46"... it will go in my foyer when finished :) 
got my latest flimsy pin basted and ready for quilting!  Yippee :)

So as you read this I will be in slow stitching heaven and thinking about cutting into those batiks!  They are sooo yummy!!!

Have a Happy Friday and a Blessed Weekend!