Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Goal Met!

Well... the goal I blogged about setting here... is now officially complete :)

I am very excited that I have found a way to set goals... now to set attainable goals! lol

You see I started out Saturday morning with a plan to stitch the weekend away... so I set a lofty goal of completing a feather and a swirly block in 2 days..

I am first stabilizing the block by starting with the feather spine first...
ha! ha!
Life happened!  So by Sunday night... my self-imposed deadline...  I was here ...

1/2 done on the block and 3/4 on the feather
And not sad but disappointed just a bit... but Monday chimed in and I was ready to stitch.. some stitching happened but not as much as I had wished for... So this morning I hurried got here before daylight...
Yippee 3/4 done on the block and all done with the feather!
And then snapped this when the sun came up...

Once I finished the block I cleaned the pencil marks off here it is!!!  I also did that cornerstone... it has a yin yang symbol in it... also my honey's request! lol
tah dah!
So now I am down to 7 blocks, 8 feathers and 2 cornerstones to go.

I think for the remainder of these blocks I will pair them with a feather to keep me hopping from one to the other with 2 needles going... one for each spot!  I really did enjoy that part of this challenge for my self.

Now lets see how far I can get before it is time for some of my fave weekend blog spots to link to!

Have a blessed week!

Did you set any goals with me??? If so how did yours turn out??  I would love to hear from you in comments below!

Monday, April 14, 2014

WinnerS ~ The BIG Announcement :)

Today was the day... I even woke up early I was sooo excited!!!!
Now for that anticipated moment of putting the numbers in the random number generator!!!!
Number 67... that is right... number 67 is the winner!!!  Now to count 67 comments down! lol

So Kathy since you enjoy the process this ruler and thread will help you out for sure!  Enjoy :)  Please email me your snail mail addy... I have sent you an email already asking for this as well!  Congrats :)

But that wasn't enough for me...

I have many new followers...

And more comments than I ever have had so I decided to give away MORE!!!!
Since this was a blessing to me at Easter time... I wanted to bless others from my stash!
Check out these 2 lovely halloweeny fat quarters... headed out to 2 more lucky winners!
 And the winners of these fat quarters... nice LQS quality fabric go to...


I have emailed each of these winners as well... if you don't get the email and you are a winner I need your snail mail addy's to send out your winnings!

To Our Winners!!!!
Hope you will celebrate their winnings and I hope you come and visit me again soon!

I am honored and pleased to have so many new followers and so many entries in this giveaway!

Thanks again for playing EVERYONE!  Email me directly at kathibc at yahoo dot com if you didn't get my personal email and you are a winner!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Setting Slow Stitching Goals... Do you?

I had hoped when I started hand quilting my honey's quilt that I would be done in April... well... here we are... I have about 3 weeks until April is OVER! 
And still plenty of stitches to go... So I am setting a short term goal to help me reach my long term goal of COMPLETION and pics of him snuggled up in it :)

Here is a spine I am working on... this quilt only has 8 more spines left for me to quilt...

Here is a block I finished yesterday after giving my fingers a few days respite...
It is marked in the upper left corner still because that is what I got done all day yesterday and I took this shot before I started... I was so happy to call this loooong block done :)

To the left is that area once quilted and spritzed and dried... and to the right is an outline of the quilting you can follow a little easier..

Now I know the next question you have is why such an intricate pattern on such busy fabrics on such a busy quilt... well.. I wanted a challenge and my honey fell in love with the stencils... and to be honest... I am having a blast doing this knowing how much he will adore it when done!

So here is my slow stitching goal... to have this block and this feather finished by Sunday bedtime... 

Can I do it??? I don't know! lol
What if I don't do it??? I don't do it.
Will I be upset???  No.  Just set better more attainable goals next time.
What do I have to do over the next day and half that I have given myself?  Dinner, laundry, that is it.... my dd has a friend over to keep her busy.  :D

Although... I may go on a shopping adventure with my honey... you see we have a few preliminary shots of my machine Nelly's new and improved case!  Wanna see??? lol

 Nelly was in a poor beat up case.. but my honey stripped and sanded it and made it all new!  More on that in her own post later though :)

See the bases of the Eifel Tower fabric we found that is plastic lined burlap already printed.  We got it at Joann Fabrics near upholstery items... very neat!!!
So then my honey covered her all up!  And made her sing a beautiful song when sewn on too!  We are waiting on some parts to finish her up then I will take her out and give you a proper tour of my newest and last probably personal machine Nelly!

I am linking this post to...
Slow Sunday Stitching with Kathy here :)  Go see some great quilty goodness in her link up!  Some may even be grunting today! lol
Do you set goals for your stitching and crafting?  Would love to hear how you set goals :)
Leave a comment if you will!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Whooping It Up!

Although I haven't gotten as much quilting done as I would have hoped...
This is block 9 counting down... and my focus for the day is to finish this block (the white chalk marked swirl left in the upper left hand corner of the block) and move onto some more feathers.... just a couple... then I can do 2 more blocks :)

WHOOPing Productivity!

So what have I been up to besides quilting since not much of that has happened? ha! :D

I took this selfie that I like ... how often does it happen that the light and the mood and your clothes and... and... and all line up and you are happy with a pic :)  It is now my personal fb pic!

Also this week I have been planning yet another upcoming quilt... so quilting has been happening... just not much on my honey's quilt! ha :)

Truthfully my fingers on my underhand have gotten sore with some of the less expensive fabrics I used that have a tighter weave... but I love antique fabric so I let my fingers suffer for the final look! 

I am very Whoopy about my blog too!  Thanks to all of you I now have 57 followers and have over 60 entries in my upcoming GIVEAWAY!

 If you haven't entered all 3 times or if you haven't heard about it yet check out my post and leave a comment... or 3 THERE!  Drawing for the winner is April 14!!!

And WHOOPING my honey's creativity as he has worked this week on taking this case to my Nelly... she is a 1950's Japanese clone as well but she zig zags and does buttonholes and decorative stitches... because we found her in a thrift store I was able to sell my new machine!!!

Now her cabinet looks like this!
I am giddy with how her case is being transformed... close ups and more on that reno coming up in it's own post... when he says she is DONE! lol

 So what have you got to Whoop about?

I am sure you have something awesome that happened this week we could celebrate together...  Would love to hear from you!  Or link up with Sarah by following the link below :)

Don't forget to enter my giveaway all 3 times if you haven't yet!!

Thanks for visiting :)  I am whooping a few secret things right now too... will be sharing more about those next week!

This post was written to post with Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict ~ Whoop Whoop Friday here :)